Frequently asked questions

How old must I be to apply?
You must be 21 years old at the time of application.

How long until I receive my Permit?
Statute allows for up to 60 days to issue.Utah BCI is currently experiencing significant delays in processing permits at this time. (It is the most popular permit in the nation. 

How long is the class?
There is no minimum number of instruction hours.The class is based on completion of the content required.

Do I have to shoot a firearm for this class?
Range Time firing of a weapon is NOT required for this permit. You still must demonstrate safe handling of the types of weapons you will carry.

What if I am not a Utah Resident or don’t have a Utah Driver’s License?
Utah permit is available to residents from ANY state.

With a Utah CCW what states may I carry in?
 Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska, New Hampshire  North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Dakota Utah Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia West Virginia Wyoming Washington,  

Will my or can my neighbors, friends, employer find out I have a CCW?

Must I have a firearm to take this class?
No firearms are needed. FairWarning will provide all firearms needed for instruction.

Must I register my firearm when I receive my permit?
No, Firearms are not registered in Utah.

What is the cost of the permit?
Utah requires $34.75(non Utah Applicants) $24.75 (Utah Residents) The FBI charges $16.25 to process fingerprints. Utah collects both at the time of application ($51.00 Non res) or ($41.00 Utah Res) 

Which permit is Better Utah or Florida?
Definitely Utah's permit is the best. You get 34 states with Utah and 32 states with Florida.  Over a 10 year period Utah's permit will cost you $66.00. Florida's permit will cost you $224.00 for what Utah charges only $15.00 for. 

What forms of payment will Utah accept?
Cash, check, credit card. But FairWarning will also accept Cash, Check Credit Card or Paypal

*Based on cost, recognition of other states & ease of renewal.

*With a Utah Concealed Carry Permit a Utah Resident may legally carry a concealed weapon in *34 states.

*With FairWarning Concealed Carry Instruction you may qualify for Florida’s Concealed Firearm Permit which will add more "legal to carry in" states.

*Michigan, New Hampshire & Florida, Colorado will honor a permit ONLY if you are a resident of the state the permit is from.

*Alaska Arizona and Vermont do not require permits to carry within their states.